This past February, Danielle, Mona, Jaret, and I hosted our 13th Secret Supper, Dark Moon. It took place at Maysara Winery and was a celebration of the winter season, and the hidden bounty of delicious foods it contains. Winter itself is very mysterious—everything is cold and dark, the tree branches are bare and everything looks barren and dead. But hidden underneath that sullen exterior, everything is still teeming with life, just waiting for the first breath of spring to burst forth.

So with that in mind, Danielle & I wanted to create a table that brought together this sense of hidden magic and mischief, which Gwen of Botanically Inspired put into practice in this beautiful hanging arrangement made from foraged fallen tree branches. The menus were handmade by locally calligrapher Rachel Jacobson, and their rustic elegance matched the dinner perfectly. Laid on the table were also dishes + glassware from the wonderful folks at Classic Vintage Rentals, whose pieces always bring the table to a new level of lovely.

Mona + Jaret of Tournant created a rich, warming, and nourishing menu that brought together the best of winter’s produce. When guests arrived, they were greeted with live music, a rich spread of local Olympia Provisions charcuterie, Vermont Creamery cheeses, and seasonal pickles + spreads. Once seated, the menu began. It included Tyrolean bread dumplings in a rich clear broth served in locally-made Wolf Ceramic bowls, Coal-roasted spaghetti squash that was cooked with a giant Barebones Living fire pit (aka amazing cauldron) with Olympia Provisions pancetta, parmigiano and egg, and a tender milk braised pork with creamy pumpkin farrotto + bitter greens. And I made some cranberry apple crisps topped with Vermont Creamery vanilla bean creme fraiche for a cozy cold-weather dessert.

It was an incredible night with the most wonderful group of guests that came from near and far to join us. If you’d like to come to a Secret Supper, you can sign up for our mailing list to be notified when we open ticket sales again. A very special thank you to SofiaGwen, Alba, Karlee, Daniella, Willie, and Daniel for being incredible, boss ladies (and dude) and making this supper possible. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to our sponsors for making this gathering possible!

Tournant | Woodfire Cooking + Catering
Maysara Winery | Venue + Wine
Barebones Living | Fire Pits, Cast Iron Cookware, Aprons, Mitts, Lanterns
Vermont Creamery | Creme Fraiche, Cultured Butter, Goat’s Cheese
Rachel Jacobson | Menus
Classic Vintage Rentals | Dishes + Flatware + Glasses
Wolf Ceramics | Soup bowls
Maysara Winery | Wines


By Tournant
Baguettes, Charcuterie, Cheeses, Pickles, Olives, Nuts
Canederli en Brodo
Tyrolean bread dumplings in a rich, clear broth
‘Spaghetti’ alla Carbonara
Coal-roasted spaghetti squash with pancetta, parmigiano and egg
Maiale al Latte
Tender milk braised pork, creamy pumpkin farrotto, bitter greens
Cranberry Apple Crisp w/vanilla bean creme fraiche

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